Build & flight video

A new build for a new world. This quad is under 250 grams in maximum take of weight, or just 152 grams with no battery. Perfect for the new regulations for UAV's. See this wiring diagram, for details on the build.

This quad is built for agility. With it's small size and powerful 2700Kv motors, it can maneuver great freestyle tricks. Whilst it's weight gives it decent flight times, even using Tattu 850 mAh 3S batteries to keep the weight down.

Thanks to the split style camera on board, there is no need for an externally mounted HD camera to record flight footage. Instead, the camera board will record HD footage directly to a connected micro SD card, whilst also providing a video feed to my Fatshark attitude V6 goggles.

Acro mode flight video

TBS Crossfire Upgrade